We think it is good and important to share knowledge and experience. Why? Because that way we all get better, and can take the tattoo industry as a whole to a higher level.

Besides the will to share, it is also easier nowadays, especially due to the wide range of online options.

For anyone wanting to learn more about all aspects of tattooing, or specific topics, Mike offers the following options.

Online advice

Online advice and coaching for every aspect of your work through one-on-one Zoom sessions.
Think about help with your designs, choice of materials, working methods, technique or any other subject you would like to discuss.
This can be once, weekly, monthly or any frequency desired.
Group sessions are negotiable.

For more information, please email to

Private workshop

This workshop is only for professional tattoo artists. Experience with physical skin and professional materials is required.

Mike takes you through his work process in this one-on-one Black & Grey workshop.
From the design phase to preparing and placing the stencil, to subsequently setting up the workplace and the choice of materials. Followed by the actual tattooing and its techniques. This is possible on imitation skin or on a live model, if you bring one.
Think of sharp lines, color and shade tight against the lines, shadow transitions, saturation, highlights, and so on. We then deal with taking care of the fresh tattoo and the aftercare for the customer.

If you rather prefer to discuss a few specific topics, that is also possible, please indicate this in advance.

The workshop takes 1 full day. Lunch, snacks and drinks are included.

For more information please email to