Laser treatment

You may not be happy with a tattoo and in that case you notice how permanent they are. Your cover up options are often limited and many tattoo artists are not keen on doing cover ups. But nowadays there is another option that significantly increases the possibilities. That is laser treatments.

At Bring It On Tattoo we offer professional laser treatments to remove or lighten your unwanted tattoos.


We work with the HPL Picolaser-1, a very high-quality Picosecond laser.

This laser is the new aesthetic and medical technology for tattoo removal. The Picosecond laser has a shorter pulse duration than a traditional laser. It does not affect normal skin and vigorously attacks the tissue to be treated. The Picosecond laser makes the treatment time considerably shorter than traditional lasers with a better and safer result. The very short but powerful pulses penetrate directly through the epidermal tissue to the deeper skin layers to break down the ink or pigment to be absorbed and gradually removed by white blood cells called macrophages.


Unlike many other laser treatment providers, we do not calculate the “price per treatment” based on the amount of square centimeter of your tattoo, but based on how long we think we will be working with you. That makes the laser treatment with us very affordable compared to other providers.

Are you curious what we can do for you and your unwanted tattoo? Send a message to facebook page “Bring it on tattoo”, email to, or fill out the form on the contact page.

Then we can personally advise you about the possibilities, the number of treatments, and the price per session.